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Who are the Seamonsters?

The Seamonsters are FRC Team #2605 and are 25+ members strong. Our mission is to create an environment within the team that is as enriching as it is gratifying, where every student is presented with equal opportunities to pursue their interests in the applications of STEM.


The Seamonsters compete against schools of all sizes, including some of whom have many more resources at their disposal. Our mentors provide supervision and some high-level guidance, but 100% of the design, construction, and programming of the robot is performed at our school, by the students.


We also have FTC Teams as well as VEX Teams participating at our high schools and in within our district.


Team Name: Seamonsters
Team Number: 2605
Location: Bellingham, WA
Established: 2008
Mascot Name: Queequeg
Team Colors: Green, Black, Navy


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History and Folklore

Our team was founded in 2008 with the creative name of “Sehome Robotics Team.” From the very beginning, we emphasized the idea that students learn best from hands-on involvement and by enjoying themselves at the same time. In 2008, we won the Highest Seeded Rookie Award by becoming 8th Alliance Captain at the Portland Regional.


In 2010, we changed our name to the Sehome Seamonsters, and adopted our mascot, Queequeg. The story goes that a few robotics members were walking along the beach when they discovered a washed-up baby squid. After taking him back to the shop, it demonstrated such a profuse interest in science and engineering, that we decided to keep him around.

In 2016 we changed our name again - dropping the "Sehome" portion of our name and referring to ourselves simply as the Seamonsters. We did this in recognition of students who joined our team from other district high schools. We pride ourselves on representing students from the entire Bellingham School District, not just Sehome High School.

Meet Our Leadership Board

Jae-Chan Lee

Business Manager

Grade 11

Klara Schwarz

Public Relations & Outreach Manager

Grade 11

Kevin Criez

Lead Mentor

Sehome High School

Meet Our Mentors

Who We Are


FRC Team 2605 is a district-wide highschool competitive robotics team operating out of Whatcom County, WA. We are a community of over 30 students, mentors, and volunteers working together to bring STEM education to life. We are a part of the First Robotics Competition (FRC), and every year we collaborate to build a robot from scratch that can compete against other schools. The robots we build are entirely student designed/built, weigh over 120lbs, and are capable of completing complex tasks and games. 


In addition, our team runs our district’s Unified Robotics program in collaboration with Special Olympics, in which we partner with special education students to compete with Lego robots. We also instruct local middle school students in competing with Vex IQ. Within our own school, we have the option to participate in welding, advanced machining, Vex Robotics, and building modified toys for children with disabilities.



Team Name: Seamonsters

Team Number: 2605

Location: Bellingham, WA

Established: 2008

Mascot Name: Queequeg

Team Colors: Green, Black, Navy


Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and check out our YouTube channel!



Our team was founded in 2008 at Sehome Highschool with the goals of bringing hands-on engineering learning outside the classroom. The team at this time had only a few students and was called the “Sehome Robotics Team,” but these formative years established a strong and lasting team culture that focussed on hard work, humility, and camaraderie. In our first year competing, we won the Highest Seeded Rookie Award by becoming 8th Alliance Captain at the Portland Regional.


In 2010, we changed our name to the Sehome Seamonsters and adopted our team mascot, Queequeg. Queequeg, a charming green squid, is said to live in Bellingham Bay. As legend tells it, a few robotics students found him stranded in the sand while walking along the beach. When the students asked him if he needed help getting back in the water, he spoke to them, saying that the tidal flats would be too muddy to walk on. He coached them as they worked to find a solution that could bring him to safety, guiding them through the engineering principles of design, prototyping, and building. He embodies the core qualities of our team; respect, helpfulness, and mischief, so to honor him we dress up in hats and costumes that bear his face.

In 2016 we became an all district team, branching out from just Sehome Highschool to the other 2 schools in our city. This gave us the opportunity to reach more students and since then we have run our district’s Unified Robotics program with Special Olympics, in which we partner with special education students to compete with Lego robots, and the Vex IQ program with Fairhaven Middle School. In addition, our team had planned to host a Pacific Northwest wide FRC competition in 2020, but due to COVID-19 concerns we were unable to run the event.

Meet Our 2020-2021 Leadership Board

Warren Rose

Team Captain

Grade 12

Tristan Nienaber

Fabrication Lead

Grade 12

James Gill

Cad & Electronics Lead

Grade 12

Kevin Criez

Lead Mentor

Sehome High School

Heather Steele

Lead Mentor 

Bellingham High School

Meet Our 2020-2021 Department Heads

Serena Tyran

Fabrication & Business

Grade 12

Nathan Kuhn

Programming Co-Lead

Grade 12

Trent Bultsma

Programming Co-Lead

Grade 12

Marcus Kanenaga

Safety Captain

Grade 11

Landen Ruben

Scouting Lead

Grade 11

Meet Our 2020-2021 Mentors

De Murr


 Codeworks, Inc

Dave Gill

Fabrication & Design 

Western Washington University

Zack Offen

Fabrication & Design


Kevin Hjelstrom

Fabrication & Design 

Western Washington University Student

Cecilia Kalthoff

Electronics & Design

Western Washington University Student

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