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Team Departments

Our team is designed to replicate the workings of a small business, with separate departments  for each team responsibility. Each department has a department head whose job it is to manage delegation of work and ensure that all team values are being upheld. In addition to department heads, we also have a team captain, who unites all facets of the team and meets with all department leadership. Collectively, the team leaders work with the other students and mentors to build the robot, run the outreach programs, and ensure the team is functioning administratively.  

Engineering, Design & Fabrication
The Fabrication and Design team works to CAD, prototype, and Manufacture all robot materials.

Control Systems 
The Programming team members are responsible for programming and testing all robot software.


Electronics & Pneumatics


The Electronics and Pneumatics department members connect the robot mechanisms to the robot code, ensuring that all parts are wired, powered, and able to communicate with each other.

Business & Administration 
The business department manages the team budget, purchases, and sponsors. 




The Outreach team plans all community service efforts. They administrate the Unified Robotics and middle school Vex IQ programs, as well as communicate with local STEM and Education fairs the team may be able to volunteer for.


Marketing & Chairman’s Award
The Marketing team handles recruitment and documentation. They plan team promotional events and produce high quality videos, photography, essays, and presentations that the team uses to compete for the FIRST Chairman’s Award, an honor given to teams with exceptional management and outreach. 
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